Jovan Cross

Students like Jovan Cross succeed because of you.

Graphic designer. Musician. Gymnast. Jovan Cross is a modern renaissance man. Whether it’s playing the pipe organ, tumbling with the gymnaires or going out of his way to be a friend, his many talents have made this recent graduate an easily recognizable part of Union College since his freshman year.

“Coming to college, I was wide open for opportunities,” Jovan says. Though he came for a graphic design degree, Union taught him a much wider set of skills in and out of the classroom. He says he’s learned a lot through his on-campus employment, from being a sound engineer for church services to keeping the campus beautiful as part of the grounds crew. He’s taken those lessons in professionalism, leadership and perseverance to his new role as a graphic designer at The Fort Western Apparel Company.

But while Union greatly enriched his life, tuition was always an obstacle no matter how much he worked. His parents had founded the Christian Academy of Arts, Science, and Technology in Connecticut, and they’ve dedicated their lives and resources to its mission. His mother, Nadine, sacrificed her job as a pharmacist to run the school full time. “I told God that I am stepping aside in His name, and He needs to take care of Renae and Jovan’s tuition,” Nadine says, remembering the big decision.

Jovan’s voice cracks a bit remembering how his parents took out loans for him. “I couldn’t have done this without mom and dad being there.” But God also answered their prayers in the form of scholarships funded by alumni gifts, sometimes unexpected aid at the right moment. “That was very much a big blessing,” Jovan says.

Nadine thanks God for the help He provided through Union’s Student Financial Services and the assistance of donors. “I’m grateful to God for being faithful … He has been truly amazing in more ways than one.”

Union College often has students reach out when they have financial difficulties. Thanks to your help, many like Jovan have earned their degrees and are on the way to bright futures. Gifts you make before May 25 during the Give to Lincoln event are matched 1:1 by a Union donor as well as being proportionally matched by the Lincoln Community Foundation. And thanks to a second donor, the matching fund has now increased up to $65,000!

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